We, the Hearts

We, the Hearts (Part 1 of 2) from Scelsi/Stevens to Finn’s “My Heart”

Full program from the performance “We, the Hearts:”
Giacinto Scelsi, Lilitu & Wallace Stevens, “The Idea of Order at Key West”
Anton Webern, Lieder, Op. 25 & Christie Finn, “Haikus for Webern’s Op. 25”
Christie Finn, “Pierrot’s First Musing”
Georges Aperghis, “Récitation 7”
Christie Finn, “My Heart”
Luciano Berio, sequenza iii
Charles Ives, “Mists”
Charles Ives, “Memories” (A section)
Cathy Berberian, Stripsody
Charles Ives, “Memories” (B section)
May Swenson, “Night Practice”

We the Hearts Poem/Pre-Program (.doc)

We the Hearts Program (.doc)


13 Dec. 2011
Maartenskerk / Vinkenstraat 34 / 1506 Zaandam / The Netherlands


We, the Hearts, have a manifesto.
Come and hear it.