Beat Furrer Portrait Concerts in Spain!

I’m thrilled to join my friends from CrossingLines Barcelona ( once again, this time for two performances of a Beat Furrer Portrait Concert. Anja Clift, Steve Menotti, Quartetto Maurice, and conductor Lorenzo Ferrandiz are also part of this great team. I’ll be singing the duos Invocation IV and Spazio Immergente, as well as the ensemble piece Aria. See you there!!!!

Celebrating the music of Stuart Saunders Smith!

I just returned from the University of South Florida, where I had the honor of performing the world premiere of the concert version of Stuart Saunders Smith’s Echo (as well as a favorite work of mine, Smith’s In Hours Like These for orchestra bells and voice). The performance was part of a festival celebrating his music, and his upcoming 70th birthday.

Premiere of “To the Lighthouse”!

© Bregenzer Festspiele Anja Köhler
I am thrilled and honored to be part of the world premiere of Zesses Seglias’s opera “To the Lighthouse” at the Bregenzer Festspiele tomorrow, August 16, 2017! Hope to see you there (or at our second performance on August 18). Pure pleasure working with this cast and crew, and this very special music…

March 2017 Update:
Photos and a Review!

It’s been a busy year so far! I just returned from Bregenz, Austria, where I had the pleasure of being part of a “preview” concert, a little glimpse what’s in store for this summer’s premiere of Zesses Seglias’s To the Lighthouse (based on Virginia Woolf’s novel)…

Singing an excerpt of a solo for my character, Mrs. Ramsay

The premiere of Klaus Dreher’s Die Graue Passion (The Gray Passion) on March 13 in Stuttgart was very well-received. Check out this review from the Eßlinger-Zeitung: Klackende Ratschen, bebendes Donnerblech (15.03.2017).

In February, I had a blast again with ICTUS in Belgium (thanks for this blog post, Ben Taffijn)–stay tuned for information about our upcoming recording of Christopher Trapani’s Waterlines! And at the end of the month, I met up with my Forum Neue Vokalmusik friends in Durham, England–here are some photos from our latest performance of Stockhausen’s Stimmung:

What’s cookin’ for 2017…

bregenz-to-the-lighthouse2016 has been a lot of fun–from our NOISE-BRIDGE tour in the U.S.A. and Canada, to various concerts in Oldenburg, Reutlingen, Barcelona, Ghent, and (OF COURSE) the Stuttgart area–I am thankful for a busy and fulfilling year, and excited for what’s to come! In 2017, I’ll be singing Trapani in Antwerp, Stockhausen in Durham, a world premiere by Klaus Dreher in Stuttgart and Tübingen, a world premiere by Luis Cordera Puzo in Barcelona and Stuttgart, some more Aperghis, and then a world premiere opera at the Bregenzer Festspiele! The next several months are going to be a wild ride, and I can’t wait! Hope to see you out there.