Neus and I won a prize!

CF & NEC in Barcelona

This weekend, Neus and I won third prize in the Karlsruher Wettbewerb für die Interpretation zeitgenössischer Musik 2014 (Karlsruhe Competition for the Interpretation of Contemporary Music 2014).  We are thrilled!  We performed Helmut Lachenmann’s Got Lost and songs 1-3 from Wolfgang Rihm’s Opus 1 song collection.  Can’t wait to perform in the Zeitgenuss Festival in Karlsruhe next year!

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Complete Video of Aperghis’ “Récitations pour voix seule”!

From the Resonant Bodies Festival, September 7, 2013:

Check out this fantastic review from Seen and Heard International (Thanks, Daniele!): Two Vocal Tightrope Walkers

(This recording is from a live performance and is unedited.)

YouTube: Part 1 of Georges Aperghis’ Récitations pour voix seule (Récitations 1-7)

YouTube: Part 2 of Georges Aperghis’ Récitations pour voix seule (Récitations 8-14)