Trailer for Ligeti’s “Aventures” & “Nouvelles Aventures” / Samuel Beckett’s “Spiel”

Liebesverbrechen videos (from a performance in June 2013)

Videos by Matthias Heuermann


All recordings below are live and unedited.

YouTube: Part 1 of Georges Aperghis’ Récitations pour voix seule (Récitations 1-7)


YouTube: Part 2 of Georges Aperghis’ Récitations pour voix seule (Récitations 8-14)


Taylor Brook’s Motorman Fragments, for vocal and instrumental ensemble (with ekmeles, March 2012 in Brooklyn, New York)


The first Soprano II solo from Georges Aperghis’ Sextuor: L’origine des Espèces:


Excerpts from my solo concert We, the Hearts (December 2011)

Above: Giacinto Scelsi, Lilitu & Wallace Stevens, “The Idea of Order at Key West”

Above: Anton Webern, Lieder, Op. 25 & Christie Finn, “Haikus for Webern’s Op. 25”

Above: Christie Finn, “Pierrot’s First Musing” and Georges Aperghis, “Récitation 7”


Excerpts from “Il Pleut des Voix de Femmes: A Stream of Consciousness Vocal Recital


Neil Thomas Smith’s Now Then:

Kaija Saariaho’s From the Grammar of Dreams, Mvt. II
with mezzo-soprano Rachel Calloway

YouTube: Zesses Seglias’ lonesingness here.