Trailer for Ligeti’s “Aventures” & “Nouvelles Aventures” / Samuel Beckett’s “Spiel”

Liebesverbrechen videos (from a performance in June 2013)

Videos by Matthias Heuermann


All recordings below are live and unedited.

YouTube: Part 1 of Georges Aperghis’ Récitations pour voix seule (Récitations 1-7)


YouTube: Part 2 of Georges Aperghis’ Récitations pour voix seule (Récitations 8-14)

With Duo Enßle-Lamprecht, December 2015

With Duo Enßle-Lamprecht, December 2014


Linda Dusman’s Triptych of Gossips with Airi Yoshioka at the University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC), March 2014


Taylor Brook’s Motorman Fragments, for vocal and instrumental ensemble (with ekmeles, March 2012 in Brooklyn, New York)


The first Soprano II solo from Georges Aperghis’ Sextuor: L’origine des Espèces:


Excerpts from my solo concert We, the Hearts (December 2011)

Above: Giacinto Scelsi, Lilitu & Wallace Stevens, “The Idea of Order at Key West”

Above: Anton Webern, Lieder, Op. 25 & Christie Finn, “Haikus for Webern’s Op. 25”

Above: Christie Finn, “Pierrot’s First Musing” and Georges Aperghis, “Récitation 7”


Excerpts from “Il Pleut des Voix de Femmes: A Stream of Consciousness Vocal Recital


Neil Thomas Smith’s Now Then:

Kaija Saariaho’s From the Grammar of Dreams, Mvt. II
with mezzo-soprano Rachel Calloway

YouTube: Zesses Seglias’ lonesingness here.