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Videos: Matthias Heuermann


Click on the title of each work below to listen to the audio recording.
All recordings are from live performances and are unedited.

Matt Aelmore:  “Aria of a Young Woman” *, 2010

Matt Aelmore: “Pierrot Opera,” 2. Pierrot’s First Musing* (text by Christie Finn), 2011

Georges Aperghis: from “Cinq Couplets”

 Chris Fisher-Lochhead: Tandem*, 2013 

Frederik Neyrinck: “Echo de Baudelaire” *, 2011

Turkar Qasimzadeh: “birds whisper” *, 2011

Stuart Saunders Smith: “All Too Human” (written for NOISE-BRIDGE), 2011

Anton Webern’s Drei Lieder, Op. 18
with Jordan Dodson, guitar:
I. (Schatzerl Klein)
II. Erlösung
III. (Ave, Regina coelorum)

* indicates a work commissioned by NOISE-BRIDGE