NOISE-BRIDGE duo: I am a co-founder and member of this duo with clarinetist Felix Behringer
The Hampsong Foundation: I am the Managing Director of this non-profit Foundation (Founder and Artistic Director: Thomas Hampson)
Song of America: I manage the content of this database, as part of my work for The Hampsong Foundation.


Matt Aelmore, composer
Drake Ralph Andersen, composer
Jason Ballmann, pianist and composer
Felix Behringer, clarinetist
Romain Bischoff, conductor, singer, and director of VocaalLAB
Barış Büyükyıldırım, pianist
Rachel Calloway, mezzo-soprano
Martha Cargo, flutist
Kobe Van Cauwenberghe, guitarist
Nicholas DeMaison, conductor and composer
Jordan Dodson, guitarist
Gregory Emfietzis, composer
Christopher Fisher-Lochhead, composer and violist
Jeff Gavett, baritone and director of ekmeles
Nicholas Isherwood, singer, director, and composer
Tara Khozein, soprano
Hannah Levinson, violist
Ana Lorenzo, marimbist and percussionist
Charlotte Mundy, singer
Joshua Akira Nakazawa, cellist
Frederik Neyrinck, composer
Nicholas Peters, composer
Katy Reiswig, mezzo-soprano
Conrad Schmitz, baritone
Andrew Wright, pianist


Avant Media
Hezarfen Ensemble
Karlheinz Stockhausen & the International Stockhausen Concerts and Courses
Voices of Change, New Music Ensemble of Dallas, Texas


Jessie Newman, graphic designer